Do You Know if the Tyres Fitted to Your Car Are Safe and Legal?

Did you know that the Australian government insists that you do not drive a car that is fitted with tyres worn down past a certain level? However, if you are aware of this, did you know that the tyre manufacturers themselves are even more cautious than those government watchdogs and recommended you change any covers that are still classified as "legal" by regulators? This can all be quite confusing to an average car owner, so what do you need to consider if you haven't checked the condition of your tyres for some time? Read More 

How to Ensure That Your New Boat Trailer Doesn’t Ruin Your First Weekend Away

When people take up a new hobby, it's not surprising that they focus on the details of the specific hobby itself and the amount of enjoyment that they will get as they pursue their dreams. They may forget, however, to focus on some of the details associated with delivering this enjoyment and overlook some of the requirements necessary to prepare in advance. This may be the situation for you, if you have recently purchased a boat in order to enjoy some leisurely weekends away. Read More 

Two Reasons to Buy a Used Car Instead of a New One

If you need to buy a car, it might be better to opt for a used one instead of a new one. Read on to find out why. It's not usually worth spending a lot of money on a depreciating asset Some things are worth investing in, as their value is likely to increase over time. Stocks and bonds, artwork and land are just a few examples of purchases that can rise in value over the course of several years. Read More 

Top Considerations When Choosing a New Fleet of Trucks for Your Heavy Haulage

If you are in the business of heavy haulage, you will need to use the right vehicles for the job. Trucks are the obvious choice of vehicles for transporting heavy loads by road. But not all trucks are built the same, and it is therefore up to every potential truck buyer to find a truck that suits their needs and those of their business. There are several factors that you will need to take into account when you are choosing a truck for your heavy haulage, but some tend to be weightier than others. Read More 

The No-Regrets Guide to Choosing a Caravan

Investing in a caravan means the freedom to take a totally different kind of holiday. Taking your accommodation and amenities with you gives you the chance to explore without constraints, helping you make the most of your leisure time. If you're buying a caravan for the first time, it's easy to overlook some important factors when choosing. You might fall into the trap of only deciding based on what you might look for in a car, but this could be a huge mistake. Read More