Exhaust Smoke Colours Indicative of the Need for Diesel Engine Services

Diesel engines offer a wide range of advantages. Despite being workhorses, these engines do not require hands-on maintenance since they have few moving parts so they are at a reduced risk of them breaking down. Moreover, diesel engines are fuel-efficient and provide your vehicle with a great amount of horsepower. However, diesel engines are not immune to wear. And one of the easiest ways of determining if your vehicle is in dire need of diesel services is by scrutinising the colour of the exhaust fumes. A diesel car functioning at optimum condition will not emit smoke but instead will be producing a vapour that is barely visible when it is in operation. Therefore, whenever you see that your car is seemingly producing smoke signals, you should be wary of the following colours that are indicative of the need for diesel engine services.


The colour white is typically associated with purity, but the moment that it starts to come from your car, you should be concerned about an undiagnosed problem with your diesel engine. In usual cases, occasional white fumes usually mean that unburned fuel is in the exhaust. On the other hand, if you notice that the car is emitting white fumes consistently, it is emblematic of a larger problem that could be anything from the engine cylinders having inadequate compression to defective injectors. You will also notice white smoke coming from your exhaust when you are driving your car with damaged cylinder heads or head gaskets. Whatever the cause, it is important that you see a mechanic for diesel engine services as soon as possible so that your vehicle is not at risk of further damage.


This fumes colour will usually come about when you cold-start your car. Usually, blue smoke is caused by motor oil making its way into the combustion chambers, and this happens when essential components in the engine, such as gaskets, cylinders or piston rings, are compromised. Hence, they allow the oil to seep through them. You will also notice blue smoke from your vehicle's exhaust when the oil you use is excessively thinned out, as this makes it easy for it to leak into the combustion chamber. Lastly, this issue will also occur when fuel gets mixed with the oil, as this thins the oil out. Resultantly, the oil loses its lubricating quality. Seeking professional diesel services is imperative to avoid irreparable damage.