Why It Is Often Better to Buy a New Car Rather Than Used

Many people who are looking to buy a car are faced with the age-old conundrum: should they buy used or brand-new? You may hear different arguments from marketers based on their chosen side, but you've still got to make up your own mind and sign the cheque. What are the arguments in favour of buying brand-new in the current market?

1. Time to Search

Let's face it; life has been very uncertain in recent times. Perhaps you want to remove as much uncertainty as possible from your near future and in this case, you should definitely think about visiting the new car showroom.

2. Certainty

When you buy a vehicle that is fresh from the factory, you know what you're dealing with. If you buy used, you don't really know how the car was treated by its previous owner and especially as these vehicles tend to 'scrub up' really well before they are placed on the forecourt. If you are unlucky when you buy a used car, you may have to fork out for additional repairs or need to deal with other issues that will get in the way of everyday life.

3. Financial Deals

These days, finance companies are very keen to get your business, and you may well be offered a 0% interest rate, at least for an initial period. You may not be able to get this type of deal with a used car, so you may find that you're paying less for the new one versus a nearly new car from the used vehicle showroom.

4. Personalisation

While you may be able to find the same make and model of car with a second-hand dealer, you won't be able to personalise it. When you choose new, however, you can pick colours, trim, entertainment systems, heated seats, reversing camera and many other options. You can even choose a larger engine if that's something you prefer. 

5. Warranty Benefits

You also get a full warranty which will run for five years in certain cases. If something were to go wrong, then you could always return the vehicle and might even get a loaner car while everything was being fixed. Certainly, some used vehicles will come with a warranty, but they will typically be limited, not last very long and you may have to pay an excess if you need to claim.

All things considered, it's worth checking out the best deals at your nearest new car showroom.