Summer Is Coming: Time to Make Sure That Your Car’s AC System Can Cope

Sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference between winter and summer in the Australian tropics. Nevertheless, many people determine that the cooler season has arrived when they can drive to work in their car without using the air conditioning system. If you've been enjoying this type of climate over the past few months, then you will be aware that the summer season is on the horizon again and you need to make sure that you're A/C system is up to the job. What should you be looking at, before the dreaded heat arrives?

System Recharge

From time to time, it's important to recharge any air conditioning system and it may be some time since you had this done. Think back to last year to remember whether it was cold enough for your liking or not and if this wasn't the case, you need to make plans to fix it.

Coolant Levels

An air conditioning system relies on a delicate balance of coolant and mechanical efficiency and sometimes, leaks in the system can compromise this. If the specialist chemical (known as "freon") has been leaking away slowly, you need to get it topped back up for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, you need to get to the bottom of the leak and see whether any of the hoses have started to perish. Sometimes, they can wear down in very hot conditions and cause issues.

Compressor Issues

One of the most important parts of any A/C system is its compressor and this typically uses a great deal of energy when it is working at full capacity. As this happens, it can overheat and this can cause it to develop a range of electrical faults. With modern-day technology, the central computer will simply switch it off if a fault arises, although it will also generate a diagnostic code to help you get to the bottom of the problem.

Open or Shut?

There is one specific component that could cause issues when you first switch on your air conditioning again and that is known as a "blend air door." This is just a small flap that moves from one position to another, but it can become stuck in one position due to inactivity, contraction or expansion. It's not a particularly difficult task to repair it, but it could prevent your A/C system from working at all.

Full Check

Many people believe that the onset of summer is a good time to check their vehicle in for a major service anyway. Have a word with your mechanic to make sure that they complete automotive air conditioner maintenance, and you can go into the season with confidence.