Called a Towing Service to Move Your Car? Here’s What You Should Do Before They Arrive!

If your car has broken down or been in a crash and needs to be towed to the closest mechanic, you're probably experiencing considerable anxiety and stress—which may cause you to forget about a couple of important things. Of course, your main goal is to get the car to the mechanic so it can be repaired, but there are a few things within your car that shouldn't make the trip. Here's what you should gather from your car before the towing service arrives. 

Paperwork Relating to Your Car

Most drivers keep their proof of insurance and vehicle registration in their glove box, and it's important that you remove these things before the towing company arrives. You may also have a card that proves membership in an emergency roadside assistance plan or some other paperwork relating directly to your vehicle. Whilst you might not need it right now, this type of information is something you'll want to have close at hand when you're filing claims or completing accident reports. 

Extra Clothing and Shoes

Many drivers keep an extra change of clothing, a spare pair of shoes, or even extra work clothes in their vehicles. Since you'll be without access to your vehicle for at least a few days whilst it's being repaired, it's best to gather any extra clothing or shoes to take them home. You don't want to be reaching for your spare work clothes and suddenly realise that they're in your car—which is inaccessible because it's at the mechanic.

Food and Beverages

If you have any food or beverages in your vehicle, make sure you take them out before the towing service arrives. Food can quickly start to stink if left in your car for days, and beverage bottles can swell or burst in extreme temperatures. Removing these things can protect your car's interior—you'll want it to look and smell clean when you finally get the car back from the mechanic. 

Mobile Phone Charger

If you keep a mobile phone charger in your vehicle, make sure that you take it before the towing service arrives. Many people depend on this type of charger every day, so you'll want to use it in any other vehicle that you drive whilst yours is being repaired. 

If you take just a few extra moments to gather the things listed above before your towing services provider arrives, both you and your car will be ready for the repairs to come. Start gathering and call your local towing service now!