3 Basic Things You Need To Know Before You Go For A Heavy Vehicle Licence In NSW

Heavy vehicle travel in Australia accounts for nearly twenty per cent of all traffic on the road, and that number grows everyday. While there are many reasons to apply for a heavy vehicle licence, it is important to go in with a full understanding of the RMS system, the different classes within heavy vehicle licences and the steps you need to take to obtain a heavy vehicle licence successfully. This article will walk you through what you will encounter when you go in for your test and help you maximise your possibility of getting your licence.

1. The RMS

RMS stands for 'Roads and Maritime Services' and was formed in 2011 as a result of the merger between Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA) and NSW Maritime. It is the main traffic authority within New South Wales. Licenses are issued by the individual states' road traffic authorities, but the process is very similar across all Australia. If you are not from New South Wales, then simply refer to your relevant government's branch.  As you can tell from the merger, the RMS has taken on a lot more responsibility in the last decade, and as such you should expect a long wait whenever you go into one of their branches, so plan ahead. Perhaps bring a snack and a bottle of water.

2. The Different Classes Of Heavy Vehicle Licence

There are 5 different classes of heavy vehicle licence. These are:

  • Light Rigid
  • Medium Rigid
  • Heavy Rigid
  • Heavy Combination
  • Multi-Combination

When applying for a licence, you need to first understand what you intend to do with it. What do you need this licence for? What kind of vehicle are you driving? Do not go into the RMS before you know what licence you are applying for and have your appropriate forms filled out. 

3. Different Requirements For Different Licences

If you wish to drive any heavy vehicle, you first need to have a regular drivers licence first. In all of these cases you need to have held at least a provisional drivers licence for 1 full year. If you wish to apply for a Heavy Rigid Vehicle license, you need to have held a provisional drivers licence (or above) for two years. To drive a Heavy Combination or a Multi-Combination, you need to have held a Heavy Rigid license for at least a year. You will also be required to take an eyesight test for all these licenses, and each of them have their own driving test you must pass.